Welcome to Brains & Beauty Dolls

where we celebrate diversity and empower young girls through our collection of multicultural dolls with real human hair. Our mission is to provide girls of color with dolls that reflect their unique beauty and heritage.

At Brains & Beauty Dolls, we believe that representation matters. By offering the ability to purchase natural hair dolls online, we aim to foster self-awareness and promote positive self-esteem among young girls. We want every girl to feel proud of her individuality, embracing her uniqueness, intelligence, culture, and leadership abilities. 

Our dolls serve as powerful role models, inspiring young girls to dream big and achieve their goals. We encourage girls to pursue their aspirations with confidence and style. We firmly believe that no dream is too big or too far out of reach.

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  • Hi! I am Khari

    A wise, strong, and inspiring leader. I have a passion for reading and believe in the power of knowledge. My dream is to become a successful lawyer so I can make a positive difference in the world.

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  • Hi! I am Malia

    A confident and compassionate leader with a passion for fashion and modeling. I believe true beauty comes from within and strive to empower others to feel confident and stylish in their own skin. My dream is to become a successful CEO of my own company.

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  • Hi! I am Nia

    I'm outgoing, funny, honest, and love expressing myself through writing. My dream is to travel the world as a journalist, capturing stories that ignite curiosity and inspire others.

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  • Hi, I'm London

    I'm a super creative architect who loves designing cool buildings and cities. I focus on making sure they're good for the environment and look really awesome too!

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What People Are Saying

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I received Malia in the mail today and she is perfect! Such a beautiful doll that comes with a beautiful message. Her hair is full of curls and has human hair!!! Love it! She is very well made. I am very pleased with my purchase and encourage everyone to purchase one of these gorgeous dolls. You won’t be disappointed!

- Joy Benoit -

This doll exceeded my expectations! Excellent quality, gorgeous face and hair! I highly recommend her.

- Stefanie McKee -